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Design by Paul Sebastian, 3.4 oz Fine Parfum spray for women
Design Perfume by Paul Sebastian

Design by Paul Sebastian, 3.4 oz Fine Parfum spray for women

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Item # awdes32s
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The glistening white of the tuberose blossoms and gardenia sparkle with a mysterious sweetness, with hypnotic opulence ; the atmosphere becomes instantly dreamy upon taking in their scent. But the gorgeous can be made dodgy if you smell too much of either. Paul Sebastian comes up short of the lingering dark clouds overcoming you with his Design, adding a swag of mitigating notes with a soapy-clean vibe (jasmine, rose and orange blossom) and some spice (a clove-y hint of carnation) for good balance. The clever base, though, full of raw civet, recalls classic perfumes of yesterday.
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Price with coupon: $16.14
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awdes32sDesign by Paul Sebastian, 3.4 oz Fine Parfum spray for women
 In stock today. 15% off use coupon: fall15
Price with coupon: $16.14
awdes8bgDesign by Paul Sebastian, 6.8 oz Luxury Bath Gel for women
 In stock today. 15% off use coupon: fall15
Price with coupon: $5.94
awgdes2Design by Paul Sebastian, 2 Piece Gift Set for Women
 In stock today. 15% off use coupon: fall15
Price with coupon: $21.24
Design by Paul Sebastian, 3.4 oz Fine Parfum Spray for Women Tester
 In stock today. 15% off use coupon: fall15
Price with coupon: $12.74
awdes8bg2Design by Paul Sebastian, 2 pack 6.8 oz Luxury Bath Gel for women
 In stock today. 15% off use coupon: fall15
Price with coupon: $8.49
Customer Reviews
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Yvonne, - Atlanta, GADesign for her by Paul Sebasatian
This is a wonderful fragrance for work and for summer when a light, subtle scent is desired. It lasts throughout the day and inspires thoughts of a picnic in a shady orchard. I have worn it for over 15 years along with Paul Sebastian's Casual.
Terry MartzI love Casual for Women
I love Casual and have worn it for years but now cannot find the lotion or other PS Casual products -- What has happened?
Shelly J.****5 Star****
I have worn DESIGN almost everyday for 23 years- I still get the most wonderful compliments. It is a light fragrance and wears all day. No other scent like this one!
Sherry G.Design by Paul Sabastian
I LOVE this Perfume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anywhere I go, people Always tell me that I always Smell so good!!! And ask me what Perfume are you wearing? And I Alway's say DESIGN :)
SGYBest Perfume !!!
I love Design!! I have been wearing it for 22 years. I always get compliments when I am wearing Design. I hope it never gets discontinued. I have never found another perfume that I love as much as Design.
BettyThe Best Ever!!
Design by Paul Sebastian is the Best Perfume I have ever used---I get compliments every time I wear it.
AudreyI Love Design
I have been wearing design for over 15 years.. It is the only fragrance that does not stir up my allergies.. I get so very many compliments on this fragrance.. Please don't discontinue it..I would hate to have to look for a new perfume that could ever compare to Design
bjkDesign is Awesome!
I love this perfume. I have worn it for 30 yrs. and still daily get compliments. I just wish I could smell it!
Designs by J AlexDesign is the only perfume for me
I too have been wearing this perfume for over 20 years and have never found another like it and believe me I have tried. I'm so afraid they will stop manufacturing it. I ALWAYS get compliments on this fragrance. Please continue stocking this perfume for all of us who adore it.
ssdoyle1Best ever!
I first encountered this fragrance at my mother's doctor's office. His nurse was wearing it. I asked what the beautiful, light fragrance was and she said Design. I went out and bought it and have been wearing it since 1997. I always get complements on it and I wear it every day.
dorothydesigned to turn heads!!
I tried this perfume based on recommendation from a customer and loved the exquisite smell it gives off. My husband and my sons compliments me every time I wear it.
SLH, KansasFavorite Fragrance
I've worn Design by Paul Sebastian for over 20 years and it is my favorite. Recently, I could not locate in department stores. Hopefully, it is not being discontinued.
LizA WONDERFUL fragrance
I love this fragrance, have worn it for some time and get compliments all the time (men and women, young and old). My only disappointment is the bath gel. It isn't what it used to be - was white pearl color, thick and light clean fragrance. Not it is Gold/orange, thin and the fragrance is ??? Hope they fix this soon !!!
Luxury Body LotionDesign By Paul Sebastian is Loved by all my friends
I love any Design by Paul Sebastian,and so does my friend. When I wear Design around him, and he get a sniff of me, he goes into a complete TISSY!
BonnieAbsolutely Love Design
Design by Paul Sebastien has been my signature fragrance for over 20 years. I get so many compliments on it and people attribute that scent to me. Men and women both ask me all the time what it is. I am proud to say Design by Paul Sebastian. Don't ever stop selling it. I would be lost as I have never found anything even close to matching me like Design.
GoobooPerfect Design
This is an exquisite fragrance. I receive positive comments EVERY TIME I wear it. If I wait a few weeks and rotate through my perfumes before I wear it again, it makes others recall they haven't smelt the beautiful scent since I wore it last. I am slow to release the name of the fragrance, as it is one of my signature scents.
dkhlove this perfume
Have worn Design perfume for as long as it has been made (close to 30 years). I wear it exclusively every day all the time and love it. Get many compliments on it.
DalyneYea for Design
Love, love ,love Design. I have been wearing Design for many years and get so many compliments as well. A cousin turned me on to you, and I am very grateful for both.
MaryLouLove it !!
I always get the tester since I have 2 lids already. I get wonderful compliments when I wear this delightful perfume. It is my ultimate favorite scent. I will wear it forever. ee
bella122969WOW 10 Stars
Wow Is Right Design By Paul Sebastian Is the Only thing I,My Mother and Sisters all Wear. For As long as it's Been Out!! I remember the first bottle I got It was so good. I have used the Bath gel everyday since. I LOVE the Bath POWDER Like I love Chocolate. All together I get So many comments everyday on how good/great I smell. I even have married men ask what I am wearing so they can get it for there wife. I Have had a few come up to me after with there wives. One did and introduce her and say this is why you are wearing Design. Because I ran into her and she smelled so good and I wanted you to smell Just as Good... I thought There was going to Be a fight But She just Laughed... LOL Design is not for any certain age. It's FOR EVERYONE who want s to smell GREAT. Also who wants to Attract the Love of there Life or the Guy across the room. :-) All I Have To Say, I and MY FAMILY LOVE IT!!! I hope The Whole Line is Available the REST OF OUR LIVES!!! Wont wear nothing Else.... :-)
TP, OhioMy favorite for years
I have been wearing Design for over 20 years and get lots of compliments from men and women. I have tried lots of other fragrances but always resort back to design.

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