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Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herreras name evokes an image of refined personal style, and Carolina Herrera perfume perfectly encapsulates the designers image. At The Perfume Spot, we offer a variety of authentic scents for men and women from this big name in fashion.

Many of these Carolina Herrera perfumes include several variations, including mens colognes. One such fragrance is 212, named for the Manhattan, New York area code. These scents exude Manhattan chic, with the feminine version combining floral notes and musk undertones. 212 for men includes top notes of lavender, grapefruit, and bergamot, with middle notes including green pepper, violet, and sage. The endnote of this cologne is characterized by woody, musky notes of sandalwood, vetiver, musk, and incense.

Variations on 212 include 212 Sexy, 212 VIP, and 212 VIP Ros. Each of these variations offers a new take on the original, but each still encapsulates a certain aspect of upscale Manhattan life. VIP Ros is a uniquely feminine fragrance, with top notes of pink champagne, middle notes of peach blossom, and a woody end note. 212 Sexy and 212 VIP are each available for both men and women, though.

Breaking away from her 212 line, we offer several other Carolina Herrera perfume products. Products include an eponymous perfume for women and the corresponding Herrera cologne for men. The designers flagship womens fragrance incorporates florals and green notes over a musky base. The mens variation is decidedly more masculine, with notes of clove, tobacco, lavender, and musk.

Other additions to the designers line include CH for women, CH for men, and CH Sport, also for men. CH for women is a modern fragrance inspired by classic ladies scents, and it incorporates opening notes of bergamot and passionflower. The heart includes roses and orchids, and this scent ends with rich notes of patchouli, moss, leather, and amber.

CH and CH Sport colognes for men are both fresh and masculine takes on the original. CH for Men is a sweet and spicy variation, with top notes of citrus, middle notes including nutmeg and other spices, and a base that includes leather and sugar. CH Sport lives up to its name with its lively, energetic scent profile, with aquatic notes and sensual base. Each of these scents is authentic and competitively priced.