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The Perfume Spot is your source for authentic Burberry perfume for women and cologne for men. Famous for its memorable plaid print, this brand has also created many memorable scents. Burberry perfume for women like Brit, London, and Sport are all delightful, and they are all affordably priced.

Many popular scents from this classic British brand are available for both men and women. Lines like Brit, Sport, Touch, The Beat, and several more include both masculine and feminine variations, giving you the option to buy for yourself or your loved ones. Our great selection of Burberry perfume means youll find the perfect product every time, whether its a gift to yourself or someone else.

One of this brands most popular products is Brit. With its signature plaid bottle and alluring scent, neither men nor women can resist. The feminine version of Brit includes a vanilla scent with hints of amber, almond, and pear. It provides a rich fragrance thats not overwhelming. Brit cologne for men includes more masculine scents such as bergamot, cardamom, and cedar, among others. Like its feminine counterpart, this fragrance entices without overpowering.

Sport is a more energetic offering from this British brand. The ladies version includes sweet honeysuckle scents with tangy undertones while the mens version combines ginger, grapefruit, and wheat grass for a sporty scent inspired by nature. While these fragrances are summery and bright, they can be worn into the winter thanks to their musky cedarwood undertones.

Another scent with versions for both guys and girls is London, which also features a classic plaid bottle. Each of these Burberry perfume scents is reminiscent its namesake, bringing London to life with understated fragrances. The ladies London is a lovely floral fragrance, combining romantic notes of honeysuckle, rose, jasmine and other ebullient scents. The mens version combines understated amber and wood scents for a lingering masculine effect.

These are only a few of the Burberry perfumes available. These classic British scents are as timeless as the companys signature plaid. Furthermore, Burberry perfume for women is always authentic and affordably priced.