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Banana Republic

Banana Republic
Our selection of authentic scents includes Banana Republic perfume for women and Banana Republic cologne for men. This brand is synonymous with upscale preppy clothing, and these scents perfectly complement that style. These fragrances are as classy and timelessly fresh as the clothing this brand produces.

This brands signature scents are Banana Republic W and M, for women and men, respectively. Each of these fragrances is lovely and fresh. W for women is characterized by its lovely floral aroma, incorporating the small of a freshly cut bouquet with fruity notes. This Banana Republic perfume is ideal for everyday wear due to its light and floral profile.

M, on the other hand, is citrusy and masculine. Top notes of this Banana Republic cologne for men include fig leaf, plum, and citrus. Middle notes are jasmine, sage, and rosemary. Finally, the base includes musk, cedar, and sandalwood for a refined woodsiness. These elements combine to create a truly manly fragrance that is also suitable for everyday wear.

Another wonderful Banana Republic cologne for men comes in the form of Cordovan. Named for luxurious leather, this product is rich and aromatic. Available in an attractive and sleek brown bottle, this fragrance incorporates a truly masculine scent profile. Fig leaf, nutmeg, lavender, and vetiver combine with several other manly aromas. Leather is, appropriately, at the heart of this fragrance.

Rosewood is the ladies answer to Cordovan. With sleek packaging similar to Cordovan, this Banana Republic perfume is equally aromatic but much more feminine. Classified as an Oriental floral scent, this product has top notes of bergamot. The middle note is tea while the endnote is amber. When combined, these notes create a lovely fragrance for women. Furthermore, the pink bottle and wooden case will look great on any womans vanity.

Each of these fragrances is crafted with the designer brands customers in mind. These fragrances are upscale, yet coolly casual. Their unique scent profiles will please even the most persnickety customers. Moreover, products from The Perfume Spot are always authentic and competitively priced, so you wont have to pay a pretty penny for a pretty scent. Ladies and gentlemen will both find these scents appealing.