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Acqua Di Gio

Acqua Di Gio

Offered by the ever-stylish Giorgio Armani, Acqua di Gio cologne in men’s and women’s expressions is inextricably linked to a universal experience of aromatic intrigue. Appealing to both sexes, these stylish and sophisticated scents of Acqua di Gio perfume for women and men are the perfect addition to anyone’s fragrance collection.

 Acqua di Gio men’s cologne is a contemporary masculine fragrance with marine, fruit and herb notes that amplify the attractive qualities of any man who wears it. Balancing depths of emotion with strength of character amid delicately held spice, this Gio cologne for men captivates anyone lucky enough to breathe it in while passing by. If you are looking for a scent that will get you noticed in all the right ways, guys, this is definitely the one.

 Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio perfume for women comprises the complexity of a blend of warm wildflowers combined with a cool ocean breeze. If paradise had a scent, this women’s Acqua di Gio would be it. Top notes of cool mint, warm brown sugar and Italian lemon give this amazing fragrance its unique scent. The complexity of a woman is difficult to capture, but this Acqua di Gio cologne comes close with deep wisdom and sweet serenity. Clean and feminine, this Gio perfume lingers all day for a long, slow impression that lasts.  Women’s Acqua di Gio will be sure to make everyone around you ask what you are wearing.

 Regardless of your gender, Acqua di Gio perfumes for women and men are the perfect fragrances for everyone. These scents are guaranteed to get you compliments every time you wear them. They’re formulated to complement the chemistry of male and female bodies, but there’s no rule about which one you have to choose. If the fresh mint of Acqua di Gio for women makes you feel amazing — spray it on! If the deep marine notes of men’s Acqua di Gio calls to your soul, answer it with a spritz. Acqua di Gio perfume embraces the full spectrum of human experience with scents that excite the senses and energize the spirit.

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